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Connecticut Hiking Trails by Town - Burlington

CT > Hartford County > Burlington

Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area

Beaver Marsh at Sessions Woods WMA

DEEP Sessions Woods WMA
Sessions Woods Trail Map
Friends of Sessions Woods
FOSW Trail Guide
CTMQ's blog post (multiple hikes)

Included in the following books:
Connecticut Walk Book (20th Edition) by Connecticut Forest & Park Association
AMC's Best Day Hikes in Connecticut by Rene Laubach & Charles W. G. Smith
New England Waterfalls by Greg Parsons & Kate B. Watson  (see website)

There are side trails that lead from Sessions Woods to the mainline Tunxis Trail.

Tunxis Trail

The Tunxis Trail is a nearly 40-mile long trail that stretches from Southington to the Massachusetts border.  It has numerous side trails that increase the number of miles that can be hiked.  Some of the more extensive side trails are in the Burlington area, including ones that head into Sessions Woods.

CFPA Trail Map for Burlington area
CFPA Interactive Trail Map

Included in the following book:
Connecticut Walk Book (20th Edition) by Connecticut Forest & Park Association

Burlington Land Trust

Overview of BLT Properties (detailed maps included in trail maps below)
Burlington Land Trust trail maps

Hartford Courant Article on Taine Mountain (21 Mar 2015) by Peter Marteka
CTMQ blog post on Taine Mountain (11 Jul 2015)
CTMQ blog post on Martha Brower Sanctuary (22 Nov 2015)

Other information

If you look on OpenStreetMap for Burlington, you can see the town seems to be covered with trails.  Most of the main ones have been included above.

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