Flora and Fauna Identification

Resources for identifying plants and animals found in Connecticut.


Amphibians & Reptiles in Connecticut
A DEEP website.

The Amphibians of Connecticut
Published by Ct Audubon Society and the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.

Snakes in Connecticut
A great little guide published by the DEEP.


Connecticut Ornithological Association
Lots of pictures and recent sitings.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology
The go-to site for bird identification.  Includes audio of bird calls.

Feather Atlas
Identify the bird that lost that feather you found using the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Please note, it is illegal to collect feathers of migratory birds.  From the website:  The possession of feathers and other parts from MBTA-protected birds without a permission is prohibited. The only exceptions are the feathers of legally-hunted waterfowl or other migratory gamebirds, which may be possessed by hunters. This prohibition extends to molted feathers and to feathers taken from road- or window-killed birdsList of protected birds.


Dragonflies and Damselflies

Dragonflies of Northern New Jersey - great pictures

Freshwater Mussels of Connecticut

What's That Bug?


Connecticut Wildlife
Includes information on amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals of Connecticut.

DEEP's Wildlife Publication Library
Fact sheets for many of Connecticut's animals.


Connecticut Botanical Society - some helpful pages on their website
     Gallery of Connecticut Wildflowers
     Connecticut Ferns
     Quick Guide to Common Ferns

Asters and Goldenrods of New England

Wildflower Identification
By entering information like number of petals and flower color, this guide helps you identify the flower you have found.

Native Plant Database
From the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at the University of Texas at Austin.  Put in the information you know to identify the plant.

Tree Identification from Virginia Tech
Identify a tree using Virginia Tech's Leaf Key (page down).

Tree Identification from University of Wisconsin
In addition to an on-line dichotomous tree key, they also have a printable version.  Great learning tool.  They have tree ID cards that could be printed out and used like flash cards.

Tree Identification from the Arbor Day Foundation

What Tree Is It?
Use leaf, fruit, or common name to help identify tree.

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