Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Outdoor Goals

A new year and time to set some more goals.  I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to last year, so those things will stay on the list for the new year.  My new list is titled "Outdoor Goals" instead of "Hiking Goals" to more accurately represent the things I am trying to accomplish.


1.  52 hikes.
One hike per week.  I think this is a good goal.  I was able to complete just over the average one hike per week for 2016.  The idea for this goal came from the 52 Hike Challenge.

2.  Hike 250 miles.
I was short of this goal in 2016, and I really want to make sure I reach it this year.  I have been happy with MapMyHike and plan on continuing to use it to keep track of my miles in 2017.

3.  Visit 3 waterfalls one of which has to be Bash Bish Falls (Massachusetts).
I never made it to Bash Bish last year, so I'll try again.

4.  Hike Mount Monadnock (New Hampshire).
Another one I didn't accomplish in 2016, and I am hesitant to put it on the list again this year, but a goal is a goal!

5.  Visit two "new-to-me" state parks or forests in Connecticut and one in Massachusetts (Bash Bish does not count).
This did get me out to the DAR State Forest last year and I have already started a list of places I want to visit this year.

6.  Visit two "new-to-me" Trustees of Reservations properties.
I have been to Bartholomew's Cobble a couple of times and it is fantastic.  I have been making a list of other Trustees of Reservations properties.  I'd like one of these to be Monument Mountain in Great Barrington, MA.

7.  Visit a National Park Service site.
This idea comes from the 52 Hike Challenge: Adventure Series.  There are no "typical" National Parks in CT, but there are places that fall under the banner of the Park Service.  Two that I have come across in my research for places to hike are Weir Farm National Historic Site and The Last Green Valley.  The Appalachian Trail would count as well, but I reached the goal of doing a hike (albeit a short one) on the AT last year.

8.  Hike to a body of water.
Hmm.  I don't have a place in mind, so I'll have to do some research.  This made me think of the children's book by Allen Say called The Lost Lake.

9. One group hike.
I actually accomplished this last year without it being on my list when I hiked with the folks from a local land trust.  I could do something similar this year or sign up with a local meet-up group.  Still hesitant about that one.


10.  Go kayaking at a "new-to-me" location.


11.  Bike to the northern end of the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail in Westfield.

12.  Bike on another bike trail.
Probably either part of the Harlem Valley Rail Trail in NY or the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail in the Berkshires.  I'd also consider biking in a state park that allowed it.


13.  Read at least 3 books about hiking, nature, or other outdoor pursuits.

14.  Make enough progress on my "places to hike" list that I can publish it on my blog.
When trying to decide where to hike, I have to go to multiple sources to find what I am looking for.  I also lose track of ideas of where to hike.  I am working on creating a master list of places to hike by town.


  1. Not sure how big of a group you're looking for, but you're welcome to come along with Valley Hikers and complete goal #9! Sometimes we only have two, and sometimes we have up to 12 or 13, but usually 3 to 5 people. I know you're already familiar with the blog at We also have a Facebook page: Email is

    1. Thank you. That's very nice of you. I may take you up on it. I check out your facebook page quite regularly (still haven't signed up for a facebook account though, so I get an annoying banner across it. I can see they are going to force me into setting up an account.)